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NCIS Big Bang 2013 Master List

Many thanks to everyone who participated as a Artist, Author, Beta, Cheerleader or Reader and to colacube for indulging us with another year of Big Bang fun. Everyone's hard work is very much appreciated! There were some awesome stories and works of art this year. Please remember to let the Artists and Authors know if you enjoyed their work. For those who haven't made it through everything this year, links to 15 works of art and 14 stories have been compiled below.

2013 Master List

A Little More Than a Team by ceares
Artwork by sexycazzy
The rich and the powerful take what they want. Gibbs' team, takes it back. (Gibbs/Tony, implied Abby/McGee/Ziva) Teen rated (Crossover: Leverage). CROSSOVER, SLASH

Brats, Badges and Hoses by k8bnimble
Artwork (posted with story) by ceares
Tony’s looking forward to the weekend. He had plans – big, big plans. When it looks as if they might be cancelled, an unexpected party steps in to ensure he gets to go. Additional Note - This is very light and more rom-com than anything! Basically a weekend of fun, flirty, mostly wholesome, goofy charity stuff. It's Gibbs/Dinozzo slash but there are some major OCs that play in this rather than the rest of NCIS team since G/D are away for the weekend. (Gibbs/Tony) PG-13 rated. SLASH

Call Me Tony by jacie3
Artwork (posted with story) by annieb1955
Lonely Gibbs tries calling a phone sex hotline one night and finds himself intrigued by the man on the other end of the line who turns out to be more than he originally seemed. When visiting a club to meet Tony, Gibbs finds out that he is actually a Detective with Baltimore Homicide working undercover and searching for a serial killer. (Gibbs/DiNozzo) R rated SLASH

Commodity by fulltobursting
Artwork by k8bnimble
A case sends Tony back into a world he thought he left in Baltimore. Undercover without NCIS resources, nothing could possibly go wrong…right? T rated. (Warnings: Adult themes, mentions of rape, slight AU, spoilers up to Baltimore). GEN

Conduct Unbecoming by ncisvu_lj
Artwork by banbury
A suspicious car accident brings Gibbs, who’s still Mike’s probie, to Paris Island where he meets a cocky, young, Marine recruit, Tony DiNozzo. Gibbs is determined to uncover the secrets on the military base and prove himself as an investigator and Tony’s determined to find a way into Gibbs’ pants. AU/Pre-Series. (Gibbs/Tony). Mature rated. (Warnings: Mention of non-con) SLASH

Finding the Way by colorguard28
Artwork (posted with story) by rose_malmaison
The MCRT must eliminate the Reynosa cartel to survive. But the effects of the hunt push Ziva to a breaking point that might destroy more than just her. (Damon/Ziva, Tony/McGee, Abby/Jimmy) M rated. (Warnings: Sexual trauma, rape, issues surrounding fertility and pregnancy (miscarriage, abortion, infertility), PTSD, BDSM, abuse, torture and questions of consent.) HET

Hiatus A New Twist by gotulloch
Artwork by faradheia
Tim and Ziva’s actions during Hiatus inspire a different reaction from Tony than was seen in canon. He stood up for himself and didn’t take the abuse handed out by Tim and Ziva. T rated. (Warnings: Therefore this story is AU and some characters will be OOC. There will be some bashing, this is not for Ziva fans. And there will be no frog hunt either.) GEN

Hurt by taylorgibbs
Artwork by kaylashay
Gibbs and Tony have been torn apaart when Tony's assigned at the Pentagon in the wake of Somalia. They both try to find their way together, but neither is a good fit with their old/new teams. Tony's jealous that Gibbs' brother is on Team Gibbs, and further frustrated because the team isn't giving Tony the info he wants on Alex, whom Tony is sure is his replacement.
After Team Gibbs is injured, Tony makes overtures to Alex, to become friends, while Gibbs sinks into his boat, bourbon, basement familiarity. Gibbs goes over to see Tony late one night, finds Alex there, and tries to get a conversation going with Tony. Tony tells Gibbs to bring a loved one to a meeting on the weekend, and Gibbs has someone in mind. (Gibbs/Tony) FRT. SLASH

Playing Those Mind Games Forever by jacie3
Artwork by kaylashay
Kyle Boone, a serial killer on death row for murdering several young men, is only a few days from his execution. He says he’ll make a deal. If he is allowed to meet with the man who tracked him down and arrested him, one NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, he’ll tell Gibbs where the remains of the rest of his victims can be found. Gibbs wrestles with the fact that Boone killed his first lover and now has taken an interest in his current lover, Special Agent Tony DiNozzo. This is an Alternate Reality version of the episode Mind Games. (Gibbs/DiNozzo) NC-17 rated. (Warnings: Rape (graphic), mentions of previous rapes and murders.) SLASH

Quantum Satis by hawk_soaring
Artwork by hinky_hippo
Tony is away at boarding school when he gets unwanted visitors. A con man to the end, his father has sold him into slavery to settle his gambling debts. Tony quickly learns what it means to be a slave at the Washington DC Training Facility. He goes through a few trainers before finding one that can handle him. Even though he still harbors the desire to run away, he finds himself attracted to one Leroy Jethro Gibbs. (Gibbs/Tony) FRAO. (Warnings: Slave!fic, abuse, consent issues, betrayal) SLASH

Rule 51 by ceares
Artwork by mella68
A/U remix of season 7. Gibbs has spent his whole life trying to ignore the gifts he has and the responsibilities that come with them but when Col. Bell decides to target Tony, he has to accept who and what he is to save him. (Gibbs/DiNozzo, Ziva/Abby/Tim/Damon [minorly]) Teen rated. (Warning: Spoilers for the entire series through season 7.) SLASH

Shadows by gibbstonysbabe
Artwork by mella68
Gibbs sees Tony in an unexpected place and his world is turned upside down. Suddenly he is faced with the fact that everything he had only dreamed about can be reality. All he needs to do is step out of the shadows and lay claim to what is his...much easier said than done. Can he do it before the jealousy consumes him? Or will he stay in the shadows and watch as Tony takes another. (Gibbs/Tony) MA rated. SLASH

Stuck In My Own History by elyss_blair
Artwork by sexycazzy
Tim is a temp Guide with no intention of ever permanently bonding. When the team tracks down a fugitive Marine Corporal, they’re surprised to find it's a newly online Sentinel. One who wants to claim Tim as his Guide. McGee's instincts to help Damon war with his desire to remain free of bonding, forcing him to examine his choices and decide what he really wants. (Tim / Damon Werth) PG rated. (Crossover with Sentinel/Guide Bonding AU) (Warnings: Brief mention of events in 'Corporal Punishment', brief scene of mild violence). CROSSOVER, SLASH

Wake Up Call by rose_malmaison
Artwork by kj_svala
Just back from being an Agent Afloat, Tony finds Gibbs is surly, Vance is eyeing him like he wants to send him back to sea, and Jimmy Palmer is offering him refuge. When Tony partners with Balboa, he is hurt in a scuffle. Not wanting to rock the boat, he tries to hide his injury. Of course that doesn't last long. Takes place right after Agent Afloat. (Gibbs/DiNozzo) PG rated. SLASH

Wrongfully Accused (not yet posted) by gwenaterra
Artwork by moondansr
If there was anything better than seeing your boyfriend after a two week break because said boyfriend had to travel overseas for business than Tony did not want to know what it was. If he was a teenaged girl and prone to such fantasies, ‘Tony and Blake forever’ would be scrawled all over the pages of a journal. In reality though, he was a hot blooded male in his late thirties (that was the truth and he was sticking to it) so romantic gestures and nonsense took the form of a bouquet of roses and enchanting candlelit dinners. That was the usual route though. No tonight, on this the most auspicious of Tuesday nights, Tony was going to surprise his boyfriend with a special evening at Magdalena’s, the Italian restaurant where they had their first date and debated the taste and the differing varieties of lasagna versus the traditional and wholesome spaghetti (the only thing they could agree on that night was the wine, a nice cabernet).
Except, sometimes seeing you're boyfriend doesn't go as planned. Bruises can be explained away but tensing up at a hug from behind, not as easily done. And Tony finds himself at Progress chatting up patrons and trying to find whoever it is Fornell wants to use him as bait for. (Tony/OC, implied Gibbs/Tony). NC-17 rated. (Warnings: Rape, Non-con). SLASH



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Nov. 13th, 2013 01:08 am (UTC)
Awesome! I really hope y'all do this again next year. ^^ There aren't enough NCIS/NCIS:LA stories out there.
Nov. 13th, 2013 10:19 pm (UTC)
We appreciate the support, thank you!
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