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Title: Rule 51
Pairings: Anthony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs, Tim McGee/Ziva David/Abby Scuito/Damon Werth
Rating: Teen
Notes/Warnings:Spoilers for season 7 primarily, smatterings of all seasons. Thanks to my betas Felicia and Dragonheart25 and especially to Lady Angel who wrangled this the best she could. Unfortunately time, work and health wait for no fanfic writer. Any mistakes entirely due to me and not any of these terrific ladies. Special thanks to my artist who created a gorgeous cover for this.

Summary: Gibbs has spent his whole life trying to ignore the gifts he has and the responsibilities that come with them but when Colonel Bell decides to target Tony, he has to accept who and what he is to save him.

Author: Ceares
Artist: Mella68
Story link: Rule 51
Art link: Here